Elenarda: the star realm

I have an Etsy store full of beautiful hand-crafted divination tools!

The name of my etsy shop, Elenarda, is inspired by J. R. R. Tolkien’s fantastical world of Lord of the Rings. My family and I have such an affinity for Tolkien that my name comes from Tolkien lore. Elentári, the Star Queen, has been a prominent figure in my imagination and has truly illuminated my own spiritual practice. By naming my shop Elenarda, meaning star kingdom or star realm, I want to create beautiful tools and talismans to help put the divinity of the stars into your hands.

I’m a devoted practitioner of magic, but one of my favorite practices is divination. I love consulting the self and the divine and facilitating communication in this way. I enjoy creating pieces in honor of specific Gods and Goddesses, and I create a very limited amount of God/Goddess divination tools and jewelry, so these pieces are truly unique! I love anything Elven and Sylvan and I try to incorporate these aesthetics into what I create. I also don pieces of jewelry that connect me to my work. I love magical talismans and trinkets! So much so that I’d like to share my love of sacred tools with you!

Click here to view my listings on Etsy.com 


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