Knowledge is power.

I am passionate about teaching witchcraft, esoteric wisdom, and the application of energy and intention to the masses. I believe that utilizing ancient knowledge to our own everyday existence helps the layman to tap into his or her own divine purpose.

Current Classes

Currently I am teaching a completely free, year-long, introductory course in applied witchcraft called An Introduction into the Art of Witchcraft. This course features a number of spiritual systems in order to give students a well-rounded and potent set of skills and knowledge to best inform their own spiritual development. Some of these systems include the chakras, the elements, shamanism, wicca, hoodoo, the Khemetic (Egyptian) system, and more. This class is packed-full of of tools, tips and techniques to make these teachings as applicable and effective as possible.

An Introduction into the Art of Witchcraft is currently taught via my YouTube channel during 2017-2018. Following February of 2018 this class will be transferred to to maximize accessibility for students. As always this class will remain entirely free to the public. Here is the link to my YouTube channel where I lead this course:

Future Classes

The Sacred Union

This class is scheduled to commence March of 2018 via

The Sacred Union is the convergence of the divine masculine and the divine feminine principles which represent the ultimate creative process: the creation of life. In this class we will be exploring the rich dynamic between these opposing forces, masculine and feminine, and how we can embody both of these aspects to balance our spirit, no matter our gender. We will then apply these teachings to the context of romantic relationships and how we may strive to attain this divine union within our own lifetime.

Healing with Energy

This class is scheduled to commence May of 2018

Whether we have the awareness to sense it or not, energy is present all around us. Even when we examine the smallest mechanics of our natural world it seems to suggest that everything is energy. This class will explore the science behind energy-work, the theories of accessing this energy, and how to apply it to reap the rewards of its use. This course will focus on healing the physical body using ambient energy, but we will also explore how to apply energy to things, places, and events to maximize the effectiveness of our work with energy.

Justice Magick

This class is scheduled to commence July of 2018

There’s a saying that justice is blind, but what does this mean? What is justice and how can one take justice into their own hands without getting their hands dirty? In this course we will be examining the moral implications of justice magick and discover methods of applying justice in a holistic way. This class will focus on trying to discern the fine line between black and white magick, how and why to use these forms of magick, and the morality of magickal intervention.

Blessed Brews

This class is scheduled to commence July of 2018

This class will be all about rootwork! In this course we will be learning how to bless concoctions, brew tinctures, infuse oils, and create magickal tools and offerings to support your work. Instead of buying snake oil remedies and recipes, take this class and you will learn how to make your own with your ingredients, your power, and your intention.