About Amelia

Amelia is an Usui Reiki Master and she writes and teaches about energy, herbalism, folk traditions, arts and literature, politics, and self-development to empower those who seek spiritual fulfillment through self-sustainability. Her ultimate goal is to encourage everyone to access their own innate wisdom and be emboldened to share their knowledge and experience. Amelia teaches, heals, and consults in a style which marries creativity, philosophy and ancient practices.

223081_2281681247929_6765170_n2Amelia firmly believes that everyone has a right to knowledge, and that if we consciously create, educate and manifest then humanity will flourish and thrive.

As a kid, Amelia spent a lot of time on her own writing, reading and collecting herbs, flowers woods and stones in her parent’s garden. As a teenager, Amelia routinely attended her family’s Christian church which taught her about biblical history and introduced her to organized spirituality. It was in her early years of college that she embraced her true wisdom and began researching herbalism, folklore and philosophy.

Currently, Amelia writes books, teaches classes, consults and performs energy healing in McMinnville, Oregon.

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